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What made a 4* case study in REF2014? Discussion between Mark Reed and Bella Reichard

What made a 4* case study in REF2014? Discussion between Mark Reed and Bella Reichard

Time: 1:27:48
Bella Reichard and Mark Reed discuss how their new paper analysing high- versus low-scoring impact case studies from REF2014 can be used to write more effective case studies, drawing from their experience advising Universities across the UK on their REF submissions.
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Release Date: 24/02/2020, 15:21:37


The podcast for researchers who want to be more productive and achieve real-world impacts from their research. Every week, Mark Reed gives you practical tips and discusses how you can enhance the impact of your research, based on the latest research.

Customer Reviews

Excellent, informative and thought provoking

Ana 🚀
An excellent podcast filled to the brim with useful tips and thought provoking information. Mark is an excellent host and a pleasure to listen to. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Easy to listen to, simple actions

Well hard17
I stumbled across this via an email from our library support team. Two episodes in (I’m listening in reverse order) and I’ve already got a list of quick actions to do related to engagement and impact. The podcast has made an opaque topic accessible and do-able.

Invaluable content for any researcher, regardless of age, stage or discipline

Great content, full of incredibly valuable advice, guidance and inspiration, and really top quality finishing and editing (so many podcasts that relate to my research topic have terrible sound quality!). I think there is a gaping hole in the podcasting world for content relating to academia. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to your audience through another medium. Audio works brilliantly for the commute (pretty hard to read a blog when driving...!) so this fits into my working day rather nicely.

Really impressed

I'm an early career researcher and this is essential listening. It is genuinely interdisciplinary so it doesn't matter what your field is. Easy to listen to, enjoyable, and tremendously useful. Thanks!