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John Williams 90th Birthday Special - Part Three

John Williams 90th Birthday Special - Part Three

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On February 8, 2022, composer John Williams turns 90 years old. To honour one of the greatest film composers of all time THE CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST is proud to present a mammoth six-part podcast series dedicated to the five-time Academy Award winner.
In part one we looked at John Williams career starting in 1961 all the way through to 1969. In part two we presented an overview of John Williams work spanning 1970-1976.
In part three of this six-part special, you'll hear selections from the golden era of John Williams career from 1977-1986 including such films and television shows as STAR WARS, JAWS II, THE FURY, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, RETURN OF THE JEDI, INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, AMAZING STORIES, SPACE CAMP and much more.
A big thank you goes out to the following who helped make this radio series possible: The John Williams Collection, The John Williams Fan Network, La La Land Records, GNP Crescendo Records, Sony Classical, Film Score Monthly, Varese Sarabande Records, Decca Records, Intrada Records, Quartet Records and Tim Burden.
Special thanks to our Patreon supporters: Matt DeWater, David Ballantyne, Mindtrickzz, Joe Wiles, Rich Alves, Maxime, William Welch, Tim Burden, Alan Rogers, Dave Williams, Max Hamulyák, Jeffrey Graebner, Douglas Lacey, Don Mase, Victor Field, Jochen Stolz, Emily Mason, Eric Skroch, Alexander Schiebel, Alphonse Brown, John Link, Andreas Wennmyr, Matt Berretta, Eldaly Morningstar, Elizabeth, Glenn McDorman, Chris Malone, Steve Karpicz, Deniz Çağlar & Brent Osterberg.
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When tuning in you'll hear interviews with composers, orchestrators, musicians, authors, soundtrack experts and industry insiders. We also do deeper dives into some of the best scores ever composed. And, of course, you'll hear LOTS of great music.
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There are a lot of shows on soundtracks out there, this is the best , you really learn a lot about the creative process of scoring , informative and fun. I hope the show dips into some of the Tangerine Dream and Fabio Frizzi scores in the future.

Super geek

Excellent what a wonderful discovery
Highly recommend John Williams birthday shows.

Great Show

Just started on the back catalogue....quality

Quality Soundtrack Podcast

Mark Gowdy
Erik's knows his soundtracks. Excellent, enjoyable, informative, well-produced soundtrack-focused podcast. This is not only for soundtrack aficionados but for all audiences.

Brilliant - Highly recommended

For many years I used to listen to the wonderful Howard Goodall's weekly radio show on the UK classic FM radio station. I was bereft after he decided to stop hosting the program as his replacement tried hard but it just wasn't the same. So I was so delighted when I discovered Erik's podcast. Wonderful, Erik spends hours finding and bringing us the best of the genre. I can't wait to listen to every new episode and go back and listen to some episodes over and over again. Thank you Erik

A World of Soundtrack Delights

Cinematic Sound Radio in its currrent incarnation provides the listener with very high quality soundtrack delights as well as well researched background information, interviews and features.
I first became aware of Erik's podcast via one of his Star Trek themed shows and have since cherry picked the back catalogue hearing some familiar soundtracks and some not so much. There
are delights and gems for the casual listener and for those who live and breath soundtracks then this is the place to be.

...and I thought I knew a lot about film scores..

After the better part of 30 years of collecting, listening and discussing the joys of film scores, I considered myself fairly worldly wise. I was wrong! Erik Woods and Cinematic Sound have introduced me to something new every week and continue to expand my score vocabulary. You simply must subscribe ! It will not disappoint.

Enjoyable rah and every episode

Rupert Col
Picked up this podcast for a couple of months now and have really enjoyed both new and back episodes. A great variety of scores as well as well chosen cues.
I am always interested in the analysis and Erik always ensures there is a wealth of music in the show. Keep it up!


Every Program quality work, highly recommended

Thumbs Up!

Love this show. Great way to hear new and classic film scores. Presented with great knowledge and passion. The music is allowed to be the star of the show 👍🏾