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142: Malcolm In The Middle with Aoife Dooley

142: Malcolm In The Middle with Aoife Dooley

Time: 51:22
Artist and writer Aoife Dooley joins us to to talk about beloved naughties dinnertime staple, Malcolm In The Middle. We talked about our favourite episodes, similarities between Malcolm family and our families, Sarah and Aoife have a lengthy digression about where some of The Snapper was filmed. It was a good time! The show wasn’t streaming anywhere legally in Ireland when we recorded this and then a week later it became available on Disney+. Did we have something to do with that? We’ll never tell.
Aoife is @Aoife_Dooley . Her graphic novel for kids, Frankie’s World, is out today if you’re listening to this the day it comes out. If you’re listening to it on another day, it’s also out now.
Alan is @alan_maguire. Juvenalia is his main thing right now.
Sarah is @griffski. Her books are in all good bookshops.
Thank you to Dee McDonnell for our artwork.
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Juvenalia is a pop culture nostalgia show where Alan Maguire, Sarah Maria Griffin, and Ellen Tannam invite interesting people to tell them about something they were obsessed with when they were young; how they felt about it then and how they feel about it now. We've talked about books, films, tv shows, musicians, computer games; we're interested in it all! It's nice, you'll like it.
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Customer Reviews

Love this pod!

Fun, fast paced and very funny - a must for us kids of the 80s & 90s. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Fantastic nostalgic listen!

Discovered this podcast while researching Courtney Love and Hole and absolutely loved that episode - so relatable! Love the premise of revisiting childhood obsessions, especially since most of the topics discussed are very Gen X and chime so well with me

One of my first and fave podcasts

fíona c
Have listened since some time in 2016 but lazily have never left a review. Particularly love the episodes where the subject matter is really familiar and the ones where I’ve never heard of the subject.

laughter helps things slide into thinking

Started with the Pratchett episode and wondered how this podcast wasnt on my radar considering how funny, deep and expansive it is with pop culture. Up there with Wizard & The Bruiser but with a guest rota and robust set of topics n refs

Comforting chats

Inviting, intelligent, gas chats that begin from a nostalgic starting point and winds pleasantly through high and low brow topics. One of my favourite podcasts.

Weirdly charming

A show that makes you want to join in

A nice podcast for nice people

Kevin Beirne
Juvenalia is just lovely. Listen to it so cool people can keep making cool things. It just feels like listening to some friends have a conversation about something you forgot you loved.


One of the funniest podcast's around. It doesn't matter what the subject matter is on any given week, you know the end result will have you cackling like a maniac. In my case, that's either in work or in my car while people give me weird looks. Every episode is a joy, but the episodes with Father Quigg/Liam Nugent (or Liam 'Nugget' as autocorrect in this textbox was so insistent on) and Alison Spittle are the best in my humble opinion. If you like Adam Buxton, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, This Feels Terrible, nostalgia, puppies, kittens, cups of tea, nice things and laughing, you'll love this.

Just lovely

Rory Bonass
A great podcast, with every episode featuring a great deal of tangential and unrelated chat(in the best possible way). Each item brought by a guest is used as a tipping off point for a lovely discussion of all things pop culture and frequently even more. The best podcasts feel like intelligent, well informed chats between mates. That's exactly what you get here. A particular highlight was the discussion of a gender flipped fifth element. Reckon Anna Kendrick'd do good Zorg?