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EP 21 Childs Play

EP 21 Childs Play

In this episode Ray explores the legacy of Black Children taken as slaves from Africa, growing up on Plantations and their social worth and  development in America
Time: 37:55
In this episode Ray explores the legacy of Black children, in slavery, Plantation life and the current trends
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Release Date: 18/04/2021, 14:41:55


This podcast that takes a deeper view into Black life in America by examining the intersection of history, narrative, and experience.

Customer Reviews

Should be heard in all schools.

I absolutely love this man and his incredible storytelling talent. I heard him on SnapJudgement talking about his childhood. If I was rich I would give anything to help this man produce more of these wonderful yet hurtful histories of black people. Why we straighten our hair, where harsh discipline came from, and this of child slaves and there experiences. Amazing. Thank you Ray.


I have listened like the rest of us to loads of different podcasts. This is my most favourite. It ticks all my boxes. Intelligent authentic original. Authoritative. Beautiful snippets of sound. Creating ambiance and feeling. Most of all is the unrelenting honesty and love emanating from the man himself. Non judgemental and enlightening. He hasn’t posted in a while but if this was all I got I would be grateful. You beautiful man. Please continue. We need you.
Well want you. Give us what you got. We can take it.


First heard Ray telling a few stories on Snap Judgement and loved them, and subscribed to this podcast as soon as Glynn Washington mentioned the name as Ray tells stories in such a great way.
I will recommend to all my mates who listen to podcasts, thanks Ray!


Andrew Irvin
I found Ray Christian on some other podacsts telling stories. He really is one gifted story teller, I could listen to him read the phone book to be honest.
Here he is telling a wider and more considered incite to the black experience in America. Its propulsive, engaging, unique and a chance for me, a wee white guy from Scotland, to get a level of knowledge and perception on what it actually means to be black in America.
Thanks Ray!