Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley

Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley

Released: 2024-06-06
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110 Episodes
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110 Episodes
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Released: 2024-06-06
© (C) BBC 2024
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Stay Young - Ep 5: Stay Strong

Stay Young - Ep 5: Stay Strong

How strength training can improve your waistline and brain, and help you live younger.
Time: 14:26
Michael explores the best way to help you look younger as well as live longer and healthier – revealing how strength training can benefit your waistline, preserve muscle fibres and increase healthy lifespan.
Pumping up your muscles is one of the best ways to protect from the ravages of time and injury. In this episode, Michael speaks to Professor Abigail Mackey from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, to find out how resistance training can strengthen the connection between your brain and muscles, and keep them looking younger at the cellular level. And it’s not just your muscles that benefit, maintaining your muscle mass can boost your brain function, improve sleep, and significantly reduce your risk of diabetes. It may even be better at reducing belly fat than cardio! Champion weight-lifter Shirley Webb reveals how lifting weights transformed her life and mobility even though she only started pumping irons in her mid-70s.
Producer: Catherine Wyler
Assistant Producer: Gulnar Mimaroglu
Executive Producer: Zoe Heron
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If time is tight, what's the one thing that you should be doing to improve your health and wellbeing? Michael Mosley reveals surprisingly simple top tips that are scientifically proven to change your life.

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🙏🏼Rest in peace dear Michael🙏🏼

Please return safely.

We miss you already.
Comoros street


Where are you? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Why the awful advertising?

Why the advertising for Talkiatry? Their website is complete USA focused and lists which States they’re licensed to practice in. Horrible turn off. If you must have advertising, at least make it appropriate to a UK audience. Although since we pay a license fee why do you advertise at all in the UK?
Outraged of thriplow


My new fave podcast! Great concise advice, informative and easy to listen to. Bravo!
jenn cavendish

Science-based Inspiration

A quick listen each week but so much to be learnt. I have tried and incorporated many of the healthy tips into my life: I’ve even come to enjoy green tea! We only get one life so it it falls upon us all to take care of our minds and bodies and stay healthy for as long as possible. There no better advice and evidence out there than this podcast.

A quick listen with huge benefits

An excellent podcast with that’s quick and easy to understand. I love the evidence based and practical suggestions for enhancing health. All so accessible.

Totally irresponsible to recommend walking backwards on a gym treadmill!

Aghast as a Personal Trainer that you are promoting the misuse of gym equipment which is,frankly dangerous.You need to edit this episode pronto plus apologise for misleading the public.The poor use of gym equipment is bad enough as it is.Hope Dr M & the BBC are prepared to foot the bill(apt pun)re any resulting accidents.Stop being trendy & focus on feasible,safe activities.

Lovely content, can’t cope with eating noises

I really love the content of this podcast - to the point, easy to implement advice, friendly manner, positive yet informative. The one thing that really puts me off is that whenever there’s an episode about food or drink, the host makes quite loud eating or drinking noises - I get that it’s to showcase that he’s doing the thing he’s trying to tell us to do, but the noises (chewing, slurping, talking while clearly having food in the mouth) are incredibly off putting and make me want to stop listening. Surely I’m not the only one.

Excellent Easy To Understand Advice

This is everything a podcast should be. It is very clear and concise and gives you really articulate and well thought out health advice based upon what seems like qualitative research sources.
I find the analysis and delivery of the research by Michael very illuminating and I think that he has a good writing/delivery style.
Also enjoy the fact that they get what seems like ordinary people to have a go at implementing some changes and getting actual feedback.
As someone who already has a healthy diet and exercises I found that many of the tweaks and tips were able to be introduced with minimal disruption to my lifestyle. Thanks so much!
Jazz Puppy

Good podcast but

Can we hear less from Stevie Middleton at the start of the podcast? Not really interested in what a BBC commissioner has to say. Think we should decide if the podcast creates real connections to dedicated sports fans (and this isn’t even a sports podcast).


Such an excellent podcast….wonderful team 👍🙏👍

Short and to the point

I love that these are concise and no nonsense. Little snippets of research and information that can be applied day to day to improve health both now and for later life.

Stay Young

Michael needs to get a new set of teeth - his current pair don't fit very well. Most distracting.
Listener No 242


I really enjoy the podcast, but would love to hear an episode with a whole food plant based doctor, for example, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Neal Barnard or Dr. Alan Desmond. Thank you!


I do as many “Jjust One thing” every day,”. The brilliant Michael Mosely has literally changed my life- thank you!!

STOP the juvenile sound effects!

A few episodes in & while the information is extremely valuable & welcome, I can't suffer any more! The ridiculous addition of obvious sound effects during the episodes ("use the toilet" [sound of toilet flushing", etc) is bad. But, WAY more egregious is the disgusting inclusion of the sound of people eating on mic in ALL the spisodes I've listened to. For the love of sanity, JUST STOP IT!!!

Not just milk Kefir

I was on a low carb diet and worrying about lack of diverse fibre from fruit and veg and nuts snd seeds… a friend recommended having a probiotic and making water kefir to keep carbs down
( rather than a milk based one) I would really recommend kefir, I suppose I listened for validation and interest . I also recommend inulin if you struggle to get enough fibre. My sister had had massive issues with her gut ( in her 60’s now, she’s had issues with constipation since she was in her teens) she finds Kefir makes her gut
‘ normal’ …
fergy JJ

All of Michael Moselys podcasts

They are excellent…I often listen to them at bedtime to help me sleep/ which his voice dies, BUT…
What is NOT excellent is the very raucous and loud woman’s voice who Introduces them…. The BBC need to change that!!!


Such a great series and will delivered. Would love a follow up series about making changes by removing things from your life like vaping, alcohol, red meat etc
Titcherners wound

Excellent podcast

Easy daily changes to help all of us, backed up by science.
Inky Inkberrow

Good advice but please loose the eating sounds!!!

Love the advice but ruined by the sounds of Michael eating into the microphone in literally every episode. Please stop it!!!

Love his podcasts!

Keep up the great work

GP approved!

At last something I can prescribe that is free, well researched and non-toxic! Especially Sleek Well. Thanks MM

Sleep Well episodes are great.

These are really helpful for getting off to sleep. They’re really well presented and so easy to listen to. Great tips for a better sleep.

5 stars on BBC Sounds, 3 stars on app

Sleep episodes are brilliant, life improving and a wonderful aid to, well, sleep. Such care taken in their pace, delivery, content, production. Bravo.
But listen on the app…& everything spoiled by being followed by the jarring and comparatively loud audio sting and trailer for other shows. All that great effort spoiled.

Great series

So easy to listen to and such valuable and scientifically proved suggestions. Thank you so much. Now looking forward to the sleep podcast!

Fantastic series

A great podcast for quick health hacks - recommend for all!

Thanks for all the tips

I am fixated on health and well-being, so this podcast is a veritable cornucopia for me. The nutritional information is , of course, Merveilleusement pratique. Many thanks, Michael. 😁
George Ropper 10

Absolutely fantastic series

Absolutely fantastic series, really inspiring! I’m 67, and I’ve decided I want to look after my health as best I can , so I don’t end up feeble and decrepit in my old age. I’ve already adopted several of Michael’s recommendations: brisk 30 minute walk every morning; press ups and squats; followed by a cold shower, ( which isn’t as bad as it sounds, and you feel great afterwards) and deep breathing sitting in a green space. And after a month I definitely feel more positive about life as well as stronger physically. Thank you Michael! Highly recommend.

Very useful information

Extremely helpful, doing these activities really improve one's life.
Highly recommend.

Just one thing (-:

Clever show, anyone can do just one thing right? Like the variety - keeps life interesting

Lots of easy to implement ideas

I love this show and have implemented a number of the ideas about how to improve my health. All are easy to do, and some are even fun!

Great news! You’re back!

Just heard you advertising series 3 on the radio.
I went straight to my podcast library to set up the next episode to listen to while doing my admin at work tomorrow. I love listening to your podcast. So informative and well presented.

Bitesized Delight

Michael Mosley is as entertaining as ever. This is a well produced podcast. These delightful bitesized episodes of advise are informative, inspiring and entertaining. You will not be disappointed and you will definitely learn something to improve your health.


Enjoyable subjects
bobski 123

You always know the right thing to say.

You always know the right thing to say.


Like the way be does little things to help us all get fitter
Dm. Ed

The best podcast out there

Love it, love the way Mosley makes it quick and full of facts

Perfect to listen to on a short journey

Love this podcast. It’s short enough to put on anytime and really informative and punchy.

Perfect length for a cuppa break

I’ve been following Dr Michael Mosley for a number years, so was delighted when I heard about this podcast, perfect length for my cup of tea break, informative and to the point.

Fantastic podcast

Such a good podcast from a dr interested in all things related to health but from a wider perspective than the traditional medical model. Bite sized actionable practical ideas to implement right away.