It’s a very windy day in Greendale and Ajay has organized a special Kite Flying Festival. Everyone has entered. Julian and Charlie try to build the perfect kite but can’t agree over their designs. Pat delivers a special long kite tail to Ted. Ted has built a large box kite. Jess chases the tail into the kite and is then terrified when a sudden gust of wind carries him aloft. Pat and Ted give chase as the Jess Kite flies over Greendale. Julian and Charlie have built the ideal kite by compromising and combining both their designs. Finally Pat and Ted arrive at the Kite Festival just as the Jess Kite flies in among the other entrants. Julian and Charlie use their kite to perform a special loop-the-loop trick around Jess’ kite, which enables them to pull it safely to the ground. Jess wins a prize for being the Bravest Kite.