Two months after Birgitte Nyborg succeeded in forming a government and becoming prime minister, she now faces her greatest challenge yet: the annual state budget. The budget bill must be passed by parliament before they can all take a well-deserved Christmas break. But in the middle of the official press conference, Birgitte is confronted with the news that two members of the Labour Party are refusing to vote for the bill. This is an embarrassing defeat for Birgitte, who is forced to re-open the budget negotiations. At the same time, it becomes ever more obvious that Birgitte will have to find a new media adviser to replace Kasper Juul, whom she fired: Michael Laugesen has become the new editor-in-chief of the Express, and has immediately begun a smear campaign against Birgitte. Birgitte acts swiftly and hires Tore Gudme, who is an associate professor in Rhetoric, and a handsome young man.