While waiting at an airport for a flight to Florida, David Banner accepts a ride from a man who offers to take him in his private plane. Unknown to David, his new friend, Michael Sutton (Bradford Dillman), has other ideas as he straddles the thin line of impending psychosis. Sutton instead flies them to a nearby uninhabited island where he tells David they are going to go hunting -- but the subject of the hunt is David Banner. Given just a few hours head start to hide in the island wilderness, David must be careful to avoid the different snares and traps that Sutton has set in an effort to kill him. In his often frustrating struggle for survival, David transforms into the Incredible Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) and manages to overcome the obstacle. However, once Sutton has seen the Hulk he wants the creature as his trophy and they meet in a final, harrowing confrontation.