With Cadance's magic weakening, Twilight instructs her friends to continue the fair to raise the spirits of the Crystal Ponies, while she goes to look for the Crystal Heart herself, assured this is the test Princess Celestia alluded to; however, she allows Spike to come long. The pair pass several traps King Sombra had placed in the castle and eventually come to the Crystal Heart, just as Cadance's magic gives out and King Sombra races to reclaim the Empire. Twilight tries to get the Heart but becomes trapped; believing this would fail Celestia's test, she tells Spike to take the Heart. On his way down, Spike falls, but he and the Heart are saved at the last moment by Cadance and Shining Armor. The Crystal Ponies pour their emotions into the Heart, recreating the protective spell on the Empire and vaporizing King Sombra. Twilight is reluctant to return to Celestia, but the Princess tells her that she has passed, knowing when to give up her personal goals for the greater good.