Sidney is the only friend Gary Bell has left as he waits for news about whether he will be offered a reprieve. Sidney is determined that whatever his fate, he will stand by his side - even if certain members of the village object. Meanwhile, Geordie and Phil visit the hospital where Rita Jones (Tanya Franks) recovers from the latest beating dealt out by her violent husband Eddie (Matthew Jure). But with her children needing a breadwinner, Rita refuses to press charges. Rita's eldest son lets the two detectives into the hovel they call a family home. When they discover some recently stolen goods, it appears they finally have all they need to collar Eddie. But the man doesn't go quietly, fighting with Phil and winding up Geordie as he's carted to the cells. The next morning, Geordie's wife Cathy calls on Sidney: Geordie didn't come home last night. When Sidney arrives at the station he finds his friend with his knuckles bruised, and Eddie, dead on a stretcher.