Jestro’s not sure what to do with his new castle in the Lava Lands. “Every castle needs a big chamber filled with treasure” says the Book of Monsters, so they’ve got to go out looting! The BOM convinces Jestro to call forth GENERAL MAGMAR, and Jestro appoints him as “general manager” of “castle operations,” much to Magmar’s dismay. Meanwhile, Jestro and the BOM find the BOOK OF GREED. This will allow them to make greedy, rapacious monsters that will bring them all the treasure they want to fill their castle! They’ll head to the richest town in the realm – AUREMVILLE! Meanwhile, in Auremville, the NEXO-Knights arrive for a huge “Gold is Good” ball at Lance’s house. When the Monsters finally arrive in Auremville, a battle breaks out and the greedy monsters make off with everything…including Lance’s parents. Goldie and Cuthbert Richmond who are clad in the finest golden garments and look so valuable! Lance will now be forced to live…poor.