As the Knights battle Jestro, they discuss the fact that Jestro never wins and that they’re always getting one over on him. Despite defeating the jerky Jester and his evil Book, Merlok 2.0 discovers that something about the attack on the village is tied to the Knights’ Academy. It wouldn’t hurt for the Knights to go “back to school” to watch for Jestro and for some refresher training. Merlok is sure Jestro wants something at the Academy. The Knights are very much “fish out of water” at the academy. When Jestro attacks, the Knights help organize the students and there’s a big fight versus Jestro and his Monsters. They drive Jestro off without letting him steal any books! Victory! But as Jestro leaves, we see him holding what the Book of Monsters really wanted: a snow globe with a castle in it that was sitting on the librarian’s desk. In the Lava Lands, Jestro throws the snow globe into a volcano and it frees the massive Castle of Monstrux from its snowy magic prison.