The opening episode investigates the first three decades of Adolf Hitler's life to discover what transformed a down and out Austrian into the undisputed leader of the Nazi Party. World-renowned experts analyse the defining events of Hitler's early life, including his heartbreak at witnessing the death of his beloved mother and his time as a failed artist living on the streets of Vienna. Based on groundbreaking research, we reveal the true story of Hitler's years serving on the front line in World War One - exposing how Nazi propagandists would later exploit a comrade's courageous act to portray Hitler as a war hero. As the social outcast later sets about transforming the fledgling Nazi Party, we explore the key attributes and style makeover that fuel his political ascent. In the aftermath of the failed Beer Hall Putsch, experts pinpoint Hitler's leadership qualities as he turns defeat on its head and, during his time in prison, writes the most infamous book in history, Mein Kampf. They also unpick the transformation of his image, including analysis of the incredible photos taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman in which Hitler practises a series of dramatic gestures to enhance his speeches. State of the art colourisation helps bring Hitler back to life as he prepares to face down his rivals at the Bamberg Conference - where the Heil Hitler salute becomes compulsory and the stage is left set for his ruthless rise to political power.