This episode explores inside the mind of a dictator as Hitler tightens his iron grip on Germany and turns his sights to conquest. The Führer has ambitious plans to restore Germany to greatness. But to fulfil his vision, he must inspire his country's people to follow him without question and conceal his true motives for expansion from the world. Leading Hitler experts investigate his mindset during the defining moments in his first four years in power - starting with his ambush of Germany's World War One victors when he rips up the treaty of Versailles and declares that Germany is rearming. As Hitler's vision of himself as heroic leader grows, we reveal his extraordinary self-indulgence - transforming the Berghof, a simple Bavarian farmhouse, into a state of the art mansion worthy of a Hollywood celebrity. We explore how Hitler's audacity and bullying tactics enable him to expand Germany's borders without firing a shot. At the same time, he dupes foreign leaders and the German people into believing he is a man of peace. As national pride swells, so does Hitler's self-belief. State of the art colourisation techniques bring the Führer back to life as his dictatorship grows and he assumes command of the armed forces. The Führer is now worshipped as a saviour. And when a Nazi official is murdered by a Jew, Hitler gives the green light for revenge against his most hated enemy - revealing his true colours and laying the foundation for his horrific racial program.