As Hitler's messiah complex reaches its zenith, this episode investigates how his war-mongering reaches an epic scale. Hitler's megalomania is fuelled by his conviction that he's divinely chosen to become the new deliverer of Germany. He's a man who marks his fiftieth birthday with the biggest military parade in German history and whose ornate inner sanctum at the heart of the Reich Chancellery is fit for a Roman emperor. Experts forensically examine images of Hitler to understand how he hid the psychopath beneath to march a rebranded Germany into the global carnage of World War Two. After his defeat of France in 1940, Hitler's demeanour is put under the microscope by a behavioural analyst, while a body language expert reveals the key clues that indicate his secret thoughts. Rarely-seen unofficial photographs taken by Hitler's videographer, Walter Frentz, give us an insight into the Führer's private moments, such as fantasising about his Nazi megacity Germania. As he plans the obliteration of his peaceful ally Russia, Hitler's divided mind is illustrated by a lifestyle feature for The New York Times Magazine and an indulgence in classical music. Meanwhile, he's taking a cocktail of more than 80 drugs a day and harbouring a hidden addiction to cocaine. Declaring war on America, he believes their conflict is proof of a Jewish conspiracy and that they will be a pushover. The Nazi messiah is now ready to launch global genocide - and, in his eyes, there's no going back.