First in an eight-part series about the life of Queen Victoria. On the death of her uncle King William IV in 1837, 18-year-old Princess Victoria becomes queen. Her mother the Duchess of Kent, influenced by her advisor Sir John Conroy, tries to exert control over the young monarch. Victoria copes with the unknown with the help of prime minister Lord Melbourne. They are enchanted by each other - Victoria by the older man's erudite wisdom and experience, and he by the young queen's lack of guile. Gossip soon erupts over the closeness of their relationship and Melbourne, fearing scandal, retreats. Victoria is left prey to Conroy, who seizes the chance to take control and undermine the queen. Against Melbourne's instructions, Victoria rushes into an ill-considered accusation and the celebration of her coronation is abruptly curtailed when she learns she has involved the crown in scandal.