Knighton celebrity chef GOBBLETON RAMBLEY announces that he’s developed the hottest chili recipe ever created. Now, he intends to give the recipe to the winner of his “Hottest Chili Cook-Off Competition” cooking show on Knighton TV. He’ll turn over his famous Chili Cookbook with the hottest chili recipe on the last page. It’s so unique it can’t be recreated without it. Jestro and the Book of Monsters think they MUST have that recipe. “Hot chili makes hot monsters!” Merlok knows that this recipe, in the wrong hands – meaning Jestro’s – could be dangerous. But when the Knights appeal to the egomaniacal chef, he says the only way to get the recipe is to win it from him. So Axl and Chef Éclair decide to enter. The team that creates the hottest chili will win Rambley’s cookbook. Chef Éclair is unsure that Axl has the skills to help them win the competition, but, as we see through funny cooking show bits, Axl is quite good and they become a pretty good team.